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it's all about the archive here. it's all in play.

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Interests: Wait, have to cover something first. There's two forms any subject can be in, let's say Open and Closed. 'Open' is when you have such a grasp of it, from technical details on up to large issues, that you can rewrite it freely for each person at each time. 'Closed' is when you can only talk about it like it's talked about at school or at work, with maybe some colloquialisms thrown in to be friendly.
I'm interested in anything in Open form, and anything in Closed form that I think I can open up.
By 'anything' I mean administration, bookbinding, medieval social structure, tax law, Fortran compilers, the reptile vision system, distributing loads, comparative children's literature, recent advances in lubricants and adhesives, cutting edge landscaping, Gauss, desalination, fun with pigs, advertising, the theory of diffusion, theory of the theory of diffusion, the origin of giggling, proceedings of the 9th circuit court, finding more states of matter than the usual three, Marxist Geometry, Jungian City Planning, police training, the social history of candy, the metaphors of auto parts price guides, prison architecture, Tales of Old San Francisco, Amharic Grammar...

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