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U: After the lining was taken up and we walked on the frame, I remembered him after his eye test, the pretty desk girl he had his own name for and the different kinds of circles. I knew I'd have to hang on to his prescription for him, and even ran across it in that last move from Third street, with a Cinco de Mayo promotion and free cellphone case.

M: And in the morning, just left of 4:00, the municipal rounds, lighting coils visible in the fixtures, a man can make his own museum, the exact same thing really, innovations in folding suggested by the abducted materials themselves, then first-come-first-serve about the passenger compartment, see attached schedule for sponsor privileges.

U: Then after the plating was loaded on, for return to the supply yard, the joists cast stripes across you, and the hardwood dollies, to magnify the historical side of a man, face tended to by breezes. Patterns left in the abraded floors.

M: And in the miracle, just left of 2:30, a magnitude 7 makes itself known to the faithful, up and overlooking enough where it can be heard in the trees, down from your shoulders and out your fingers, by fifties and hundreds the lonely, roughly adhering to the grid, all down along and away.

U: Then everything that was between was excavated out onto conveyors, until there was no more to be pleaded for, or found in the weeks after, outlines of outlines gracing delicate the air above the fields. Find that squirt ring you lost, some water still in the bulb.

M: And in the mulching, just next to 6:00, the properties desired of a canopy can swell it to 100 pounds, requiring a team to return it indoors, volunteers a remnant band on a decommissioned airfield, hours logged, any other measure improvised to taste, and there'll be that lasagna from last night, wrist braces set down by the desk lamp.


December 2016



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