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M: Stain-ready
U: Up-sole
M: Patton/Szeszic WearRites with stain-ready up-sole
U: In Collegiate and Akkadian Urn
M: Mine
U: At Mart-O-Vision prices
M: A truly ungrammatical value
U: At over 17 soon-to-be-recent locations
M: Give
U: Value-point
M: Summer-simplex
U: Visitor Center Stallionwood/Augury Oaks Summer-simplex Interest Series
M: "Race-specifics and the Neighborhood Value-point."
U: In Vestige and De-referenced Pointer
M: Ours
U: To run with
M: Along the acres of fence-line
U: To the fond, spawned, stock-in-pond of Community Velvet
M: Fly-tensioned
U: Through-scansioned
M: Left-of-the-median out-of-trihesion summer lead-time encephalo-sundries
U: For me
M: Down and up-trolling public hillsides
U: To Ronstandt/Jobim reunion calendar
M: Of varying mileage deduction
U: For theirs and their memories of days spent
M: The autumn lawns
U: That summer, of caballeros and brasilieras despondas
M: Against a neutral winter of our making
U: And, as made, to live as taken
M: In the Sunday re-folding
U: Of the noted-while-holding
M: Of perpetual offering-selection
U: Drift-woven
M: Still-cloven
U: Office of the Lone Recorder
M: That, still seeing, to forget one is being
U: And, so reported, to be so recorded
M: As friend bleeds into friend
U: On end and on end
M: And so down the aisles of the Fencelines On File
U: To, still thinking, forget one is speaking
M: And bend
U: As a friend
M: To an unregistered end
U: World without Leak
M: And meeking out a stinking to pause and re-tweak
U: In the event of People
M: And their dreams of Mystique
U: Unregistered hoardes
M: In boardrooms and courts
U: Outlasting by centuries their volleys of torts
M: In programmed de-reference
U: All planning aside
M: To finally admit that they tried
U: In their findings of tryings, while of to the side
M: Their original feelings of flight
U: Devised
M: To kind of
U: Politely
M: Die
U: And it might of...


December 2016



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