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You know, it doesn't work to explain the work by the needs addressed and the questions answered, because why those needs and questions? It doesn't work to say it's just satisfying, because why those appetites? It seems clear that there's a basic heart that just says "work" and enters the world as needs and fulfillments, questions and answers, appetites and satisfactions. And there's never any accounting for why things work or don't. It's always due to some X factor. And this Qur'an passage says "He takes your work from your works and they become as dust." Yeah, our work are their own context, so there's no guarantees...(An explanation, again, of mediocrity: Value is only a thing in the form of a met need. So it breaks into a need and a meeting.)

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Riding around in a new Nowhere, check back in the pockets, the ones in the pockets, Round Table corporate offices may have only consulted a map and some numerical data before okaying this one. Or they saw the parking for, dang, a fleet of vehicles and had experience living off of only deliveries. But they approved the budget for a standard interior, no one in there, and the manager jumped right on the opportunity to enact his personal dream, seems Middle Eastern, mixes graciously with his few dine-in customers, stocks the salad bar so that...wait...this isn't a salad is it? Just leave off the lettuce and...what is this, where have I seen this? A TAPAS PLATE!

And the music...My that is the best internet programming I've ever heard. Just left my own programming on the table, no competing with this, a basic Lounge aesthetic taken as far out from it without breaking, some re-mixed India and Mid-East. Set up an arrangement, broke out the studies, bottomless soda and tapas plates--dolma, edamame, melons, cheeses, seafoods, kashis--what have I found here? You know, this could be a Hookah lounge...BUT IT'S SALAD. A salad lounge. Oh my. And with four-and-a-half hours to study.

The timing even lined up instructively: It petered out after an hour and a half, leaving a sprawling, lounge-bearing three hours in an after-zone. The real session had wrapped up so the real one could begin. And there was a tail after that (pulled out the Hegel for one last round, and it fell, again, right to a summary of what I was just doing in the Qur'an).

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The first hour-and-a-half was some word study I'd started on the ride there, just some paper and a dictionary. The 'lm' in '3ml' and '3lm', should have something to do with the question/answer (= 'know' ('3lm')), need/fulfillment (= 'work' ('3ml')) that come into existence together. Looked into, for example 'Hml' and 'Hlm', pregnancy and breast-feeding, bearing child and child being borne. The knowledger is borne by the grunt-tasker. 'kml' and 'klm', completion and word, and 'mlk', law, order, angels. 'likum' ('lkm') is the basic 'for you' of His making/giving. And these consonants are in the middle of the formula for ordinary market society, "b3Dkum lb3D". 'b3D' is '3Db', about which the next post.

The next two hours, Surah 3imran, vs. 49 and following. The words of Jesus, and, my, restored to their fruitful word-play, thank you. He makes a 'Tyr' (bird) from 'Tyn' (clay) (same thing we're made of), and breathes into it, just as we were breathed into. I think that's a picture of what I've been trying to get at with people who've never benefitted from a major contribution of Christianity. I say it in terms of the Holy Spirit, which is depicted by a bird, but here it's like, the standard orthodoxy wanders in a division of flesh and spirit, where Jesus made a third, a flesh/spirit.

And then he says he 'healed the lepers', but the words are 'br'a' and 'brS'. Oh my, 'br'a' is a freeing from, the word used for creating (freeing) Adam from 'Tyn'. The 'br'a' is 'br'a'ed from the 'brS'. (And this morning, looked up 'br'a' in the Lane. Again, next post.) And then he says he shows (nb') "what we eat and what we store up", 'akl' and 'dhkhr'. Obvious play on 'dhikr', putting that consonant family over against the 'klmn' one.

Riding back with Elise, I mention the two birds of the Upanishads, the one on the lower branch eating the fruits, the one on the higher witnessing, and say, "I think the lower one sees questions and needs leading to answers and fulfillments, while the higher sees a single 'know' and 'work' manifesting as both." Then, wait, birds...'Tyr'...one eating...'akl'....hm...She asks, did you notice you had the Senufo figure out today, that we got because of the bird on her head?"...no...hm....

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